Since I started using the services and products of JLopezMD, I have noticed a big increase on my energy levels and vitality. I really enjoy the idea of promoting health and the customized medicine that JlopezMD offers. With a better understanding of my body after all the exams that I made in the clinic, I can be more mindful of my necessities and support my body to perform more efficiently

Even though I thought I had a healthy lifestyle, thanks to JLopezMD I could see what my body really needed and what was lacking. With their detailed tests, I could learn more about my body needs. I also saw a huge change once we started treating with their IV drops that they personally make according to my needs. My favorite is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber which treated my keloid scars that are now almost seamless. I am feeling strong, confident, and happy thanks to all the treatments that JLopezMD gave me.



JLopezMD has reminded me that prioritizing myself is vital. I am fortunate to be able to have a place like JLopezMD to go to for better, overall health. Their wellness tips have improved my diet, and services are helping me sustain a balanced and healthier lifestyle. My favorite is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. Primary reasons are detoxification and muscle regeneration. After a long and tiring day on the court, my recovery is enhanced faster in this pressurized chamber. Other services I highly recommend are the IV Therapy Treatments, that is customized specifically for your need, and the infrared sauna that will improve your circulation. To be purposeful and direct in achieving better health is what JLopezMD can do for you. I feel like I have more energy all day long, and I simply feel so much better about myself..

Proactive self-care has proven to be very crucial in maintaining quality health. I am very lucky that with JlopezMD, my lifestyle is complemented perfectly by services that take care of my immune system. I will always be a fan of the drips that make me thoroughly clean inside, and the infrared sauna that takes toxins out of my body. I cannot wait to completely experience everything it has to offer as I know all will contribute to a more vibrant way of life that will only help to get to the best version of myself.



With JlopezMD, I am confident that I am nourishing my body from the inside especially with the stressful environment that we have. I felt detoxified and energized after every treatment. I also feel that I am more informed of how to better take care of my body. Thank you JlopezMD for being my partner in my wellness journey!

My favorite thing about the JLopezMD clinic is being able to have tailored care and medical plan designed to fit my lifestyle. I used to feel tired and stressed on most days. With the treatments, I would leave each visit feeling healed and relaxed. I was truly impressed with the nice facility and the caring staff. Everyone is so friendly and I am very thankful that Dr. Joel and the staff are professional and very thorough. I especially love their treatment room where they have the comfiest chairs and relaxing ambience!



I started going to JLopezMD in 2019. I told Dr. Joel how I felt lethargic every day even though I haven't exerted much effort. He advised me to take several tests and then recommended treatments. Since then I've religiously taken the supplements he suggested, plus regular treatments like HBOT and IV Drip (Myers Cocktail). My energy levels slowly improved! I'm truly grateful because I get to do more and have a better quality of life now! I also started with the facial and ear acupuncture and it's so helpful in giving me good sleep at night. Thanks so much to JLopezMD!

Before I went to JLopezMD, I thought I was healthy. After I went, I saw how much I needed to improve my holistic health. Ever since I started going, I never felt better. My confidence has never felt better. My skin has never looked better. It’s the healthiest time of my life and I’m loving it. Thank you JLopezMD!



I’ve started my journey with JLopezMD back in January 2021. That time I had Costochondritis and a goal to improve and strengthen my body not only aesthetically, but also feeling good inside looking at it in the long term. After my first session of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, my cocktail drip, and also ear acupuncture, my breathing was definitely back to normal, my skin was glowing right away and I was feeling good to do my workout and face my intense routine. Now, I’m back at the clinic every week for my sessions and I don’t want to stop!

Partnering with JLopezMD for my health has been a real blessing in my life. As a wife and mother, I want to be stronger and be full of energy for my family. Healing and recovering after giving birth is so important to me. Dr. Lopez has put me on a progressive program to achieve my health and wellness goals. I am currently on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, IV Nutritional Therapy, and Acupuncture Treatments. HBOT helps speed up our body’s natural healing process. IV helps increase energy levels, treats nutritional deficiencies, and cleanses our bodies of toxins and free radicals. Acupuncture helps with blood flow and reduces inflammation. I am committed to be on this journey towards my best possible self. I want to take care of myself so that I can take care of the ones I love.