Bespoke IV and Oral Nutrition Treatments

How the program Works?

1. 15-Minute Complimentary Phone Consultation

The screening process starts with the ADAM questionnaire. If you have possible Testosterone deficiency, you need to do a full consult to find out if you’re a candidate for TRT.

2. New Client Form

Filling out our New Client Form is the next step. It takes just a couple of minutes, and helps us to set up your Ageless Woman account. Then we’ll ask you to complete a Health History and order for the necessary blood tests. You’ll have your blood drawn at a location near your home or work, and we’ll review your results with you in detail once we have them.

3.Review of Result

Once your results are ready, we discuss them with you, answer all your questions and create an Ageless Woman program specifically made for you.

4. Follow up Visits

Monthly in-person or online follow-up visit and BCA testing, as well as quarterly blood testing are done to ensure that you’re getting results from the treatments and that potential side effects are addressed properly. Our goal is for you to get optimal, sustainable results from the treatments.

Bespoke IV and Oral Nutrition Treatments

That Optimized Mind-Body Program combines science-backed nutrition, expert-supervised fitness, and hormone optimization. 

Elite Athlete Therapy

Recover faster by replenishing the body with electrolytes, amino acids and vitamins. This cocktail for champions, was specifically designed to support energy, vitality, and optimal performance. Rise, plug in, and live life like a champ.

Hangover IV Drip

Plug in and feel brand new with this quick, potent and safe hangover cure. This IV drip rehydrates, flushes out toxins, and replenishes lost nutrients. JLopez M.D’s special formula combines the traditional hangover heaven-sent with ingredients that help address nausea and inflammation often experienced after an all-nighter.

Jetsetter IV Therapy

Travel and evening shifts have a way of disrupting sleep patterns and disturbing the body’s circadian rhythm. When sleep is unregulated, healing and regeneration of the body is compromised. Jetsetter IV Therapy is specially formulated to help regulate sleep patterns almost instantly. It’s drops of deep slumber and rest, in a drip.

Muscle Boost IV

Support muscle building with a potent IV drip formula that contains essential and non essential amino acids. The Muscle Boost IV is recommended post workouts to enhance muscle gains.

Brain Boost IV Therapy

A focus and memory-enhancing concoction packed with essential nutrients and taurine, Brain Boost IV Therapy enhances concentration and clarity–especially during long, hectic weeks.

Myers Cocktail IV

A vitamin and mineral rich intravenous cocktail, Myers is often regarded as the “holy grail” of IV treatments. High doses of antioxidants and immune boosting factors have lend wide range of health benefits

Amino Acid IV Therapy

Amino Acids are the building blocks of life. They are also the building blocks of proteins, which is vital for the body to function. The Amino Acid Drip helps patients to get the right amount of protein into their bodies, for balance and sustained cell health.

B-12 IV Therapy

Vitamin B12 deficiency may result in constant fatigue, weakness, numbing, constipati, anemia and tingling sensations in both hands and feet. This condition may also compromise brain health and sense of equilibrium. The B-12 IV Therapy fills the body with the vitamins it needs for living a fuller life.

DMSO Cocktail IV

DMSO IV Therapy is packed with anti-inflammatory agents, which boosts skin and tissue repair. This IV drip formula is ideal for patients who have gone through chemotherapy.

Plaquex IV Therapy

Plaquex IV Therapy removes fatty or hardened plaque, which blocks blood vessels and arteries. This potent drip brings a wealth of health

Vitamin D IV Therapy

Vitamin D is vital for normal bone development and health. This IV drip formula specifically helps to stabilize levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. It is highly recommended with osteoporosis, high blood pressure, cancer, and other diseases.

Detox IV

Toxins can negatively impact health and quality of life in a multitude of ways. The Detox IV Therapy rids the liver of noxious molecules that often cause fatigue, bloating, overweight, and low levels of energy. It is also formulated with nutritional support to support the body’s optimum performance.

Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy utilizes chelators which bind to lead, mercury, iron, and arsenic to transport them out of the body. Chelation Therapy is most beneficial for those who suffer from metal toxicity or heavy metal poisoning.

IVIG (Intravenous ImmunoGlobulin)

IVIG (Intravenous ImmunoGlobulin) IVIG is a preparation made by pooling immunoglobulin G(IgG) from the plasma of healthy blood donors. This treatment is generally used to help treat patients with immunodeficiency disorders.

Surgery IV Therapy

Post surgery recovery requires elevated doses of nutrients through IV therapy. Surgery IV Therapy is an effective treatment for post surgery healing and wound care. It is formulated with Vitamin C to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen, which restores the structural integrity of skin’s surface.

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